MenuBlender - for restaurants

How MenuBlender can solve your restaurant’s challenge

Access to our large network
of potential clients

Faster client
turn-around time, if desired

Less ingredient

No risk of reservation

Full control and flexibility
on your posted meals

What is MenuBlender
for restaurants?

MenuBlender is a unique tool that allows an owner to better run his/her restaurant, in an effortless and simple way. Our platform allows you to easily reach your target clients, reduce costs, and increase turnover.

The restaurant can use this tool in whatever way desirable, so that it is perfectly aligned with the restaurant's strategy and philosophy. With no time-based contract, subscriptions, or discount obligations, the restaurant has full flexibility on when and how to use the MenuBlender.

How does it work?

The restaurant posts 1 to 3 meal(s) on our platform and decides on the price of the meal(s) and the times they are available for consumption. By offering limited amount of meals, you can reduce costs, ingredient wastage and suggest only the best meals to your customer.

The client buys the meal before arrival to the restaurant at the time that suits him the most and receives a confirmation code. Next, all that client has to do is come to your restaurant at the booked time, show you the confirmation code, and eat.

The time the customer spends at the table is reduced, since everything has been arranged in advance which increases your restaurant's utilization, and relieves your staff from taking orders and collecting payments.

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