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About MenuBlender

Who are we?

MenuBlender is a Rotterdam based company of restaurant lovers, technology experts and hard-workers, we strive to make eating out & takeaway quicker and especially cheaper. We are fighting for the best deals just for you everyday.

MenuBlender offers lunch and dinner meal plans giving you access to the best restaurants for as low as €6 per meal. Our efficient system provides a fast and fun way of getting your delicious, affordable meals every day.

MenuBlender members can book meals from any participating restaurant.

How it works?

  1. Purchase your meal plan for 3, 6 or 10 meals
  2. Book your eat-in or takeaway meal 4 hours in advance. We have 400+ meals available in our offer, each meal is usually priced at €8-12 in the menu.
  3. Your meal will be ready and waiting for you at your designated pick up time. Skip the line, tell the restaurant you are with MenuBlender and give them your name. Enjoy your meal!

Why us?

It is the only way to eat that cheap at the restaurants. We are fighting for the best prices and meal options every day. With us you can forget about cooking because we make it so cheap…

Don’t want to be disappointed with the quality of your pizza, pasta, burger or salad? On MenuBlender you can only find the best restaurants which were verified by our team.

Frustrated with phone reservations, long waiting time for your food, inattentive service and lack of choice? We take care of it all. Simply pre-book your meal and enjoy the MenuBlender experience.

Benefits of using MenuBlender

  • 💰 cheaper eating out
  • ⏳ time saving since your meal is being prepared when you’re on your way
  • 🚮 reduced food wastage by offering restaurants a way to optimize ingredients planning
  • 👉 book your meal in less than 10 seconds

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