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About MenuBlender

Who are we?

MenuBlender is a Rotterdam based company of restaurant lovers, technology experts and hard-workers, we strive to make eating out more enjoyable, quicker and at the same time cheaper.

We’ve always enjoyed an escape from the office for a good, restoring lunch during the break. The more we went on with this yummy habit, the more we realised how stressful was to find nice places to eat something tasty without wasting precious time. That’s why we started MenuBlender.

How it works?

  1. Browse our unique Menu including only the best meals and offers from the top verified restaurants
  2. Choose the time of your arrival and invite friends
  3. Arrive to the restaurant and get directly served

A bit more about MenuBlender.

Don’t want to be disappointed with the quality of your pizza, pasta, burger or salad? On MenuBlender you can only find the best restaurants which were verified by our team.

Frustrated with phone reservations, long waiting time for your food, inattentive service and lack of choice? Our solution requires approximately 40 seconds and 10 clicks, 40 seconds to choose a meal from one global menu, book a table, pay and invite your friends or colleagues.

Use MenuBlender's social features and invite your friends to join you for a breakfast, lunch or dinner meal. You can do this through Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, SMS or email. Each invited person that uses your invite link will be added to an initial order, so restaurant will know how big a table to prepare when you come.

Benefits of using MenuBlender

  • 💰 cheaper eating out
  • ⏳ time saving since your meal is being prepared when you’re on your way
  • ‍👩‍👦‍👦 easy way of organising meet up with your friends
  • 🚮 reduced food wastage by offering last minute discounted offers
  • 👉 select your meal, book a table, pay and invite friends under 40 seconds

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